Learn how to connect with crystals on a deeper level.

How to enhance your meditation practice with crystals

How to work with 10 different stones

Energy Healing with Crystals

The Power and Limitations of Crystal Healing

Beginner's Psychic Meditation Class

Learn techniques to grow your psychic abilities and meditation practice. Learn how to connect to your energy body and auric field and do energy healing practices. Hosted by the owner of Karma Kards and Berkley Psychic Institute Graduate, Garcia on Monday nights.

Mondays 6-7 pm


4-6 Classes Long

Reiki I & Intro to Energy Healing

Begin your journey as a Reiki Practitioner here with our Reiki Master Teacher, Alia, owner of Glowing Gaea LLC.

In Reiki 1 you will learn the history and use of Reiki, activate your natural ability to channel powerful healing frequency, and learn how to heal yourself & others. You will also be taught powerful techniques on how to Center, Protect & Ground yourself and others. 

In this class you will be introduced to the first 2 symbols of this lineage. This is a hybrid lineage where we will cover traditional Usui · Tibetan · Karuna Reiki lineages as well as Intentional Healing and how to work with your intuitive 


Reiki II

Deepening the Flow​

Deepening Alia’s Glowing Gaea LLC’s lineage in a hybridized Reiki program.

Learn how do distant healing, sending healing to anyone anywhere in the world. Learn timeline healing to heal your inner child, inner teenager, ancestral trauma, and future timelines.

You will be introduced to 4 new symbols. You will also learn how to work with affirmations and how to heal the 7 main chakra system.


2-3 hours in length

Reiki III

Getting to know the intricate energy systems

Deepening Alia’s Glowing Gaea LLC’s lineage in a hybridized Reiki program.

You will learn a total of 6 new symbols, 2 of which are the Master symbols.

Class will go over entity removals and how to shift spirits to the other side.

Learn how to work with 9 different energetic systems.


3 days of course instruction

2-3 hours in length per day

Reiki IV

Master Teacher

Completing the Glowing Gaea LLC lineage with Alia. 

Students will learn how to pass on attunements to other people, both distantly and in person. 

3 new symbols

1-2 hour course instruction