Meet Our Readers


Owner and Creator of Karma Kards, Margaret is a Psychic, Intuitive, Medium, and Energy Healer. They studied at the Berkeley Psychic Institute in the 90s and have been practicing ever since.

Garcia also conducts classes to help people through their spiritual awakening and to learn how to tune and work with their own energy to help develop their gifts.

Garcia is available during store hours. Walk-ins are welcome, or schedule ahead. 

Call Garcia to schedule a session at (360)-393-8443. 

Garcia Offers:

  • 5 minute healing, Free
  • 20 minute healing, $25
  • 30 minute readings, $40
  • 1 hour reading with healing included, $60


“I have been a Psychic, Medium, and Aura Artist for over 20 years. I am very excited to tap into your energies & situations to help give you clarity, insight and foster a deeper connection with yourself through very detailed and illuminating readings.”

 Kedra utilizes Tarot cards, oracle cards, and her own powerful gifts to deliver impeccable readings. She is available by appointment only. Appointments are either through Karma Kards, Zoom, or Phone. She accepts: Cash, Credit, Venmo, PayPal,  and Cash App.

Contact by Call or Text ~ 360-303-6262 

Or Schedule on Etsy here

Available Tuesdays, Thursdays & Sundays

Kedra is Now Offering:

Relationship Readings ~ 30-45 minutes, $55

Mediumship Readings, Past Lives, Departed Souls ~ 30-45 minutes, $60

General Reading ~ 15 minutes $25, 30-45 minutes $50

Aura Interpretation Portrait ~ $45 – $165 Depending on size

Aura Art by Kedra


Alia is a Reiki Master, Psychic, Medium, Digital Aura Artist, and specializes in Past Life readings.

She works with the Higher Self, Spirit Guides, and Ancestors in her healings and readings.

Alia is available by appointment at Karma Kards. She is also available via Zoom or phone.

You can contact Alia on her website,

You can also email her at

Alia is typically available via Zoom and is available for in person sessions at Karma Kards one weekend a month and at the Psychic Fairs. Appointments can be scheduled with Alia or by calling Margaret, (360)-393-8443. 

Alia Offers:

Past Life Reading~ $40 for 30 minutes, $80 for an hour

Reiki Based Energy Healing ~ 5 minutes Free, $20 for 20 minutes


  • $25 – 30 minutos
  • $45 – 45 minutos
  • $60 – 1 hora


  • 30 minutes – $25
  • 45 minutes – $45
  • 1 hour – $60 


Mariela es una mujer Latina, quien ama a Las personas y es muy sensible a todos.

Es capaz de persivir sus sentimientos y reconose Las energias y las vibraciones con tan solo entrar a una havitacion.

Ella es clarividente. Es una persona empatica. Aun esta Desarrollando sus dones espirituales dia con dia cada vez mas.  Cada  dia  es un dia excitante para ella ya que cada dia Prende also Nuevo.

Mariela a estado desarrollando sus dones espirituales desde que  era una pequeña. Ella pensava que nada era real. Pero las personas que la rodeavan ya persivian sus dones. La mayoria la aconsejavan que expusiera sus dones al Mundo y muy pocas estavan en desacuerdo con eso.

Porfin se decidio que ya no las ocultaria mas. Ella suele decir “la Unica persona que me estava deteniendo era, era yo misma”.

Mariela puede escuchar messages de El espiritu. Ella te dira exactamente lo que ella escucha. Talvez tartamudee porque mucho esta entrando ala vez pero al final el mensaje estara muy claro.

Travaja con Margaret @ Karma Kards los Fridays & Saturdays de 11am a 5pm (llamar a cualquier hora y dia para hacer tu citas) (360)927-7665.

Mariela is a Latina woman who loves and welcomes all. She walks into a room and picks up the subtle vibrations, the feelings of others inside. Mariela is clairvoyant, an empath, and is further developing her gifts every day. Every day brings a gift of growth and discovery.

Mariela has been developing her spiritual gifts since she was a child. She first thought it wasn’t real, but others around her could see and feel her gift.  Many encouraged her to open up her gifts to the world & very few people scoffed at them.

She finally decided she would no longer hold back her gifts and that “the only person holding me back, was myself”.

Sam is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Tarot reader, and Death Doula. She specializes in Reiki healing, animal Reiki, crystal and chakra healing, sound healing, and Tarot/Oracle reading.

It is Sam’s joy and life’s purpose to serve others as they navigate life’s transitions and labour out of it. Through continuous education, meditation, and research, Sam continues to expand her knowledge and Universal Spiritual Connection to help and heal those from all walks of life.

It is her passion and goal to support people and our animal companions in mind, body, and spirit.  

  • Tarot/Oracle Readings – $30 (30 minutes)
  • Ancestral Oracle Readings – $30 (30 minutes)
  • Reiki Sound Healing – $35 (30 minutes)
  • Pendulum Readings – $15 (15 minutes)
  • Death Doula Services – Please call/text 760-885-5556 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

Sessions are available in person, or by phone and Zoom. Call/text Sam at 760-885-5556 or call Karma Kards to schedule an appointment. You can read more about Sam’s services at

Jonte is an energy worker who specializes in object reading, crystal energy healing, attunement, and communication. She is a spiritual seeker, and is passionate about empowering people in their connection to source and expanding their consciousness.

Jonte is certified in Usui Reiki, Lightarian Reiki, Ascending Earth Reiki, Sacred Soul Alignment, Light Language Communication, and Quantum Sound Technology. Continuous spiritual and metaphysical exploration is important to Jonte and she is happy to be a thread of consciousness experiencing itself.

Stone Readings and Healings ($25/20-30 mins) By connecting to the energy of both you and your stone, Jonte will communicate your stone’s messages, heal it’s traumas, and attune both your energy fields allowing you to fully connect.

  • Stone Activation (starting at $11) Activates frequencies, including sound, Goddess energy, angelic beings, attunes both your and your stone’s connection to higher powers.
  • Soul Guided Shopping Experience ($25)Jonte connects with your energy field to communicate which stones will be useful or connected to you. She will assist you in selecting stones that compliment each other’s energy or are designed for specific manifestations or intentions. This guided shopping experience includes education on stones, how to use them, and a personal attunement.
  • Energy Healing ($25/20-30 mins) Jonte is trained in Usui Reiki, Ascending Earth Reiki, Sacred Soul Alignment, and timeline healing. Healing modalities are chosen intuitively, unless a specific type is requested.
  • Object Reading (starting at $25) 

Call Karma Kards to schedule an appointment.